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Famous actress Zoe Laskari passes away

Featured Famous actress Zoe Laskari passes away

The Greek world of theater and cinema is in mourning after the sudden death of actress Zoe Laskari.

According to information Zoe Laskari was found dead in her cottage in Porto Rafti at the Apollonios holiday home complex, which was built many years ago by town planner and architect Doxiades. The great star of the old Greek cinema left life at the age of 73.

Born December 12, 1944, Zoe Laskari was one of the most famous stars of the old Greek cinema. She started her career by winning the title of "Star Hellas"in 1959 (according to Apogevmatini newspaper the actress was born on 12 December 1940). Her real name was Zoe Kouroucli (similar to her cousin Zoe Kouroukli, a well-known singer).

At the end of the 1960s she was, along with Aliki Vougiouklaki and Jenny Karezi, one of the most prolific stars in Greek cinema.

The title of Star Hellas as well as her common origins with Yiannis Dalianidis were the reasons for the latter to choose her as the protagonist of the film "Katiforos" in 1961. The huge success of the film made Laskari one of the greatest stars of the time and a permanent protagonist of Greek cinema, signing an exclusive contract with the most important Greek production company, Finos Film. Since then she starred in very large cinematic successes in most of the films of the time (comedy, social drama, musical) during the golden period of Greek cinema.

Her personal life was always in the media, and many of her relationships were fodder for gossip - especially her affair with singer Tolis Voskopoulos. She was married to well-known lawyer Alexandros Lykourezos since 1976 and has a daughter, Maria-Eleni (former wife of actor Apostolos Gletsos).