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Waiting for Macron: The upcoming visit of the French president to Greece

Featured Waiting for Macron: The upcoming visit of the French president to Greece

There is quite a concern and work going on at the prime minister’s office due to the upcoming visit of French President, Mr. Emmanuel Macron to Greece.

The Prime-minister, Mr. Alexis Tsipras held a series of meetings with a number of ministers that deal with issues of French-Greek “relations”, issues which are directly related to their government portfolios and which have direct impact on future cooperation between the two countries, especially during the period that the Greek government considers the French influence and position to be of specifically great importance with regards to the upcoming fiscal and financial assessment, the upcoming entry into the the global fiscal markets and the role of the IMF.

During last month, officials, both in the Elysee Palace and the Greek prime-minister’s office are contemplating and reviewing plans that both sides have submitted, while we must take into account that in the overall planning, the Ministries of Development, Foreign Affairs, Energy, Infrastructure and Transport, as well that of Defence, have been involved in the overall planning process.

The visit by the French President in Thessaloniki and Athens is expected to demonstrate the overall investment interest of French companies and of the French government for the Greek economy.

President Macron, during his visit, on the 7th and 8th of September will be accompanied by a large number of entrepreneurs, businessmen, and banking sector executives. The talks will be mainly held over matters relating Transport, focusing on railways, tourism, real estate, agrifood and, course all, information technology and informatics, since according to sources, the French government is willing to invest and create a new type of Silicon Valley on European soil, while at the same time, placing emphasis on the Logistics sector, focusing on the wider area of the Port of Thessaloniki.

Given the circumstances, major emphasis and priority will be placed on the start-up economy and business, as well as innovation.

The issues that are going to be discussed between the two sides deal with the EYDAP water company, for which the French side has expressed sincere interest, especially from the Suez Company, which is willing to take over management. At the same time, negotiations related and regarding the Thessaloniki Port Authority, the French business investment bank and the armaments procurement programs are still ongoing. The Hellenic government’s intention is to fully exploit and develop, national industries, like ELVO and the Skaramangkas Shipyards within the overall framework for putting together an overall European Defense industry, which is an issue being pursued extensively by the French government.

The visit of President Macron to Greece has a direct impact on the future Europe, as well as to the attempts made by Greece to overcome its problems and shake-off the trusteeship mandate. At the Prime-minister’s office, they have made several assessments and case-studies and they are arguing that after the German national elections and the supposed overall landslide win of Angela Merkel, a new, far- more pro European policy will come into effect, in conjunction and cooperation of President Macron’s policies.

French officials have stated at the Reuters News Agency that President Emmanuel Macron will travel to Athens in September, so as to send a message and emphasize to the rest of the leaders of the Eurozone that it is necessary to further enhance and achieve a monetary union. They went on to argue that the main idea is that France is willing to stand by the side of Greece in terms of its economic recovery.