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Foreign Minister attacks Professor for his views

Featured Foreign Minister attacks Professor for his views

In rewsponse to statements made to the Financial Times by professor of political history Thanos Veremis the Foreign Minister of Greece sent Professor Veremis on August 29, the following threatening text through his lawyer.

This is not the first judicial action Mr Kotzias has undertaken against publishings that show him in a disfavorable light. In the past he has tendered suit against the Athens Review of Books. The latter in reporting on this latest part of the saga Kotzias vs the media noted: " It is obvious that he did not change views and methods, since the time he served the propaganda of Honecker and Jaruzelski. His position of power has made his situation worse". 

Dear Mr. Veremis,

At the request of my assignor, Mr. Nikos Kotzias, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, I am asking you a question and I would like a response on your behalf.

On the Financial Times website on August 11, 2017, in a text titled «Minister’s court victory intensifies fears for rule of law in Greece», among other inaccurate and untrue [claims] against Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias there is an excerpt which is attributed to you on the occasion of a conviction by the Greek courts following a lawsuit by Mr Nikos Kotzias against Manolis and Maria Vasilaki.

The text of this extract is as follows:

«[The Syriza government] is going down the same road of extreme populism as Poland and Hungary, in this case to offset the economic concessions Greece has made in successive bailouts,» said Thanos Veremis, emeritus professor of history at Athens University. «We do not know where it’s going to end.»

Is it true, Mr Veremis, that you stated the above in this newspaper or is this reference to your name inaccurate and untrue?

Yours sincerely,

Christos Koytsonasios