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Mitsotakis: Private initiative and fewer taxes will restart economy

Featured Mitsotakis: Private initiative and fewer taxes will restart economy

“In the situation that Greece is today, it is my conscious choice to tell the truth. The citizens have been deceived many times and can not stand any other lies”, President of New Democracy (ND) Kyriakos Mitsotakis underlind during his meeting,

Thursday with postgraduate students from Stanford University who visited the party’s headquarters. Mr. Mistotakis said that the issues that concerned the Greeks were new jobs, security and education, warning that it was easy to fall into the trap of making empty promises. The leader of ND said people were pessimistic about the country’s future, with the majority of citizens estimating the situation would only get worse. Mr. Mitsotakis went on to point out the causes of the economic crisis citing excessive borrowing and the fact that Greece failed to take advantage of its admission to the Eurozone and make its economy competitive.
“In 2015 SYRIZA’s populists exploited the situation to rise to power. They spent six months negotiating and eventually signed the third Memorandum with enormous cost for Greek citizens”, Mr. Mitsotakis said. Responding on how he planned to exit the economic crisis, he claimed that Greece had to “own the reforms” and exploit the nation’s comparative advantages. “With lower taxes and private initiative we can kick start the engine of the Greek economy”, he stressed.