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French first lady tours Ancient Agora

Featured French first lady tours Ancient Agora

The wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, Brigitte Trogneux, arrived at the Ancient Agora in central Athens at 10:15 on Friday morning, where she was met by the wife of Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, Vlassia Pavlopoulou, and shown around the site.

Elegantly dressed in a royal blue outfit, the French first lady was relaxed and in a good mood as she faced reporters, saying she had very positive impressions of her visit to Athens so far "and might not leave". She also caused a stir among tourists visiting the site, with some asking to take selfies with her.
After the visit, Mrs. Pavlopoulou presented her with a necklace made of gold olive tree leaves as a gift, which she immediately tried on, saying that it "reminds me of ancient Greece."
Sources said the two ladies had talked about the institutions and operation of the Agora in ancient Athens.