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Police raid releases businessmman after six months kidnapping

Featured Police raid releases businessmman after six months kidnapping

Businessman Michalis Lembidakis was freed after six months as a hostage to kidnappers following a police raid, earky Monday morning.

After a police operation, which involved personnel from all police services, the 54-year-old businessman was released at seven and a half in the morning from a used car warehouse, near the Zurida bridge just 4 kilometers from Rethymnon, Crete. There, po;ice found Michalis Lembidakis rif up, as well as the owner of the lot and a guard, who were arrested without any resistance.

Police officers, entered the hideout of the kidnappers using thermal cameras, managed to catch the kidnappers off guard.

According to information, police had knpen for weeks of the whereabouts of the businessman, however, they planned his rescue very carefully.

The police have so far made seven arrests.

According to first nformation the seven arrested are Cretans and in the past have concerned the authorities.

This element, combined with the telephone communications recorded by police led to the identification of the abductors and to the operation that took place on Monday morning.