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Professor targeted by anarchists for wanting a clean university

Featured Professor targeted by anarchists for wanting a clean university

The angel-protector professor of the Panteion university who became known nationwide when he "dared" to pay chastise students for pasting a poster on a wall of the university, that had just been cleaned and painted. He dared, literally.

Because the answer of the "students" was to punch him around, until other students intervened and the police were called in the end.

Professor Syrigos did not stop and dared a second time ... He did not let the law be disobeyed, as is usually the case with Greek universities. He sued and one student has already suffered the consequences, and in a few days the trial of the second is expected. That was the beginning of the drama. Since then, Professor Syrigos has been in the eye of self-professed anarchists. Some days ago, the grouup calling themelves "Rubicon" and other self-styled revolutionaries interrupted an event attended by the professor, raised a banner where the speakers would speak, chanting the customary anti-imperialist slogans and of course the event was canceled.

Now, the revolutionary action of the students is changing.

Neighborhoods around Panteion, such as Koukaki, as well as central streets in Exarcheia, have been filled with posters with the photograph of Professor Syrigos entitled "This is the fascist". Fascist, of course, for having dared to chastise students ...

Mr Syringos' unprecedented targeting has, of course, caused great reactions, with the Senate of the University talking about a "poster reminiscent of  Roman proscriptions", while professors at the institute are making efforts to collect signatures.