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Michalis Lembidakis back at his company

Featured Michalis Lembidakis back at his company

After the first night with his family, Michalis Lembidakis wanted to go today to his company, the Plastics Crete plant.

Obviously moved, the Cretan businessman met with workers embracing them one by one who welcomed him with joy. When they asked him what troubled him the most, he said: “I was tired more in my mind”.

“I feel stronger now that I am here,” he said, speaking to his colleagues. He did not fail to thank the police that freed him from the six-month ordeal. “I would like to deeply thank the police, which I know has acted with method and under extreme secrecy. I lived six nightmarish months”, said the businessman.

Mr Lambidakis was obviously fatigued and had lost a lot of weight under captivity. Ge was xamined by doctors after being freed, who pronounced him in good health.