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Saganaki, Halloumi among best global cheese dishes

Featured Saganaki, Halloumi among best global cheese dishes

There are thousands of types of cheese and each of them usually reflects traditions and other elements of the place where it is made.


There are as many ways to enjoy cheese as there are types. From ... cheese fondeu and the famous American mac 'n' cheeseto the cherished Greek saganaki.

Insider has found the 23 finest cheese dishes in the world and presents them in a list of dishes that you have to try one by one throughout your life.

Among these, of course, is our own saganaki:

Maybe for Greeks it is a classi delicacy, the same is not true, however, for foreigners. That's why they are impressed when they try it. "It's grilled cheese without the bread! This cheesy dish is just cheese fried in a pan until it becomes golden brown, though restaurants will often add tomato sauce or seafood to make it more filling.," writes Insider.

The article also mentions Cypriot Halloumi as one of its great cheese dishes saying: "Halloumi is gaining popularity outside the Mediterranean area. With a high melting point, the cheese can withstand high heat without melting, making it delicious grilled or fried. It can be served on a sandwich, on top of a salad, or even on its own."

You can read more about the best cheese dishes here: http://www.thisisinsider.com/international-cheese-dishes-2017-9