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Sueddeutsche Zeitung: China invests in Greece while the EU is afraid of it

Featured Sueddeutsche Zeitung: China invests in Greece while the EU is afraid of it

German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung has featured an article on China's big business opportunity in Greece speaks, while the European Union is hesitant to invest in Greek territory.

"China is investing one billion euros in Greece and is expanding, constantly expanding. The European Union sees (Greece as) risk, while China sees opportunity " the newspaper said.

"Captain Fu Cheng Kui, the managing director of the Piraeus Port Authority, covers the map of Piraeus with his thumb and with another finger forms an arc towards the north, towards Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia. After his finger points to Libya and Egypt, then to France, Spain, Italy while exclaiming: Big markets!

In 2009, Cosco sent her best man to Greece, captain Fu, experienced seaman, captain, who has also served Chinese interests on land and in the air, as he has also served in Chinese aviation. '' The Greeks thought the Chinese would take the port and they would lose their jobs. They did not know us. They did not know much about us Chinese. But we're here to do business. "

The aim of Cap Fu is to gain ground in Piraeus over the big ports of Europe, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg," the German newspaper reported.

"We have already invested one billion euros. The harbor is still far from ready. Terminal III for containers is expanded and a terminal for 15 million containers per year is created. It's not just a vision," wrote the newspaper.

Part of a giant plan
"Whatever label you put on Piraeus, "Europe's gateway," "bridgehead," "head of the dragon," Chinese actions are part of a giant investment plan in 65 countries. China is creating a new silk road. The port of Piraeus is only the most spectacular deal in Europe. From here, train connections will be launched through the Balkans to Central and Eastern Europe," according to the Munich newspapers.

The newspaper hosts statements by Maritime Minister Panagiotis Kourouplis, who says "cooperation with Cosco is working well. Athens has repeatedly complained that the rescue policy, which comes from Brussels, does not prioritize development. On the contrary, it weakens the country. The Chinese are not pedantic with Athens. They brought funds. And Tsipras leads the country towards capital."