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EU cuts funding to far-right parties - Golden Dawn included

Featured EU cuts funding to far-right parties - Golden Dawn included

The EU will not fund far-right parties and think tanks, in 2018, including Golden Dawn, according to a report from the European website, EUobserver.

In particular, the paper notes that six far-right political groups and nationalist political groups in Europe, which are heavily dependent on public funding, will not receive EU subsidies next year.

That's because they failed to declare themselves in good time or did not qualify for subsidies set by the new Authority for European Political Parties and Foundations.
This Supervisory Authority was established last September in order to control parties and organizations receiving European grants.

Among those who missed the deadline are the far-right nationalist Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), whose members are politicians of the Greek Golden Dawn and the German NPD.

The Alliance's secretary general denies the existence of a deadline and insists that it is "in the process of enrolling".