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The government is hastily trying to bridge the gap with lenders

Featured The government is hastily trying to bridge the gap with lenders

The government's negotiations with the institutions' representatives continue with a gap in major issues included in the third evaluation and open fronts, as only 20% of the pre-requisites have been completed.

In addition to the outstanding issues the government must close immediately, negotiations began on Tuesday with major disagreements on major issues with the regulation of 120 installments and the out-of-court arbitration mechanism, where there is disagreement over the membership criteria, up in the air.

Electronic auctions that have been significantly delayed, as well as changes in the trade union law, which despite the government's commitments have not yet been implemented, are a point of friction between the Greek side and the lenders.

There is also disagreement on energy issues centered on PPC and lignite units to be put up for sale.

On Wednesday, government and creditors will take stock of Greece's negotiations and performance on the pre-requisites of the memorandum, and on Friday, the representatives will depart from Athens. Return is expected at the end of November.

Meanwhile, after the lender's approval of government debt figures for debts, the approval of the € 800 million installment at the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) meeting is expected tomorrow.