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Endless qeues for mass transit e-ticket

Featured Endless qeues for mass transit e-ticket

There is no end to the trials and tribulations for mass transit passengers as they have to wait for more than 3 hours for the e-ticket.

Senior citizens, mothers with children, workers forced to take leave and young people stand in endless queues from the early morning hours at metro stations in order to be able to get the new card for use on routes.

The Ministry of Transport services proved to be unprepared to serve the public and the transition from a paper to an electronic ticket turned into an incredible inconvenience. Indeed, in some cases there were even incidents of fainting of elderly people who could not bear standing in line for so long. It is indicative that at the Syntagma station, the waiting period was longer than 3 hours!

However, although Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis apologized to troubled citizens, he added that such a phenomenon is "common" when there are such changes.

The ministry and transpotrt services have come under heavy fire fromn  the opposition, the press,and irate citizens who cannot understand why getting the ticket requires such an inordinate amount of bureaucratic shuffle, requiring at least three affidavits from different government agencies.