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Home of Afghan boy, victim of racism, attacked

Featured Home of Afghan boy, victim of racism, attacked

Unidentified persons attacked the home of the 11-year-old Afghan boy, who, although being drawn by lot to be flag bearer for the October 28 parade,for school, eventually paraded carrying the sign with the school name in Daphne. at dawn .

According to the police, persons unknown actors pelted the home of the boy's family with stones and damaged, in Daphne. The case was taken over by the Department of Racism Violence of Greek police.

The stones broke the windows of the room where the boy and his mother were sleeping. There were two other little girls in an ajoining room. 

The eleven-year old had come into the media spotlight when he was drawn by lot to hold the Greek flag in the 28 October parade. The school, decided to re-cast the lot and give the flag to a Greek child. This played. mostly negatively, on journalistic, as well as social media.

Last Tuesday the Education Ministry ordered a preliminary examination of what had happened and the result of the draw for a flag-bearer in the October 28 school parade was not respected.

SYRIZA's youth then demanded the sacking of the director of the 6th Primary School of Daphne, stating that he had withdrawn the flag from the 11-year-old Amir "citing allegedly the child's refusal to enter the church with the flag, which the student and his family categorically refute. "

However, the school's director was fully supported by the Parents Association of the school, who added however, that it "continues to support ALL children of the school without discrimination"