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Names of 130 prominent Greeks in Paradise Papers

Featured Names of 130 prominent Greeks in Paradise Papers

According to information  published by "Ethnos" newspaper, more than 130 names of Greek interest appear to be linked to offshore companies and are located in Appleby's records, the so-called Paradise Papers.

Among the 130 names of Greek interest mentioned in the files were  persons associated with politicians, a large number of shipowners, but also a major bank executive who participated in an offshore firm. Moreover, offshore companies have been identified that have received loans from Greek banks, as well as Greeks who have concerbed Greek authorities for tax related and other issues.

The Appleby leaks contain 252 contact addresses from people linked to offshore companies and located geographically in the broader Attica region, as well as in downtown Athens and Piraeus

Appleby is an offshore service provider based in Bermuda and hiding among its files are the offshore interconnections of more than 120 political figures from 47 different countries, the maneuvers of multinational giants in efforts to avoid paying taxes, but also the wealthy, famous and powerful of the planet who have chosen the secrecy of offshore accounts.

The word "Greece" was found in more than 6,000 of the 6.5 million documents leaked.

These come from areas such as Malta, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cook Islands, Domenica, Labuan, Marshall Islands, Nevis Island and Santa Lucia. Many times, the term Greece is found in the contact addresses declared by shareholders, directors or others associated with these companies. This means that much of the document reveals evidence of offshore Greek interests.

Most of these companies are located in the Maltese records, where Greece was identified in 5,553 documents, followed by the Bahamas (539 documents), Barbados (222), Bermuda (33), Aruba (10), Marshall Islands (8), Labuan (7), Nevis (5) , Santa Lucia (1).

The leaks were given to the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung.