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HOPEgenesis: An organization addressing the diminishing birth rates of Greece

Featured HOPEgenesis: An organization addressing the diminishing birth rates of Greece

HOPEgenesis is a Greek non-profit organization active in the field of medicine that addresses the issue of the low birth rate in Greece.

Greece has been moving towards a demographic deadlock.  Research indicates that the birth-to-death ratio in Greece is negative.  According to data provided by Greece’s Ministry of Interior, in 2015 Greece witnessed a 0.6% population decrease. Furthermore, research carried out by the UN indicates that Greece’s population is projected to decrease further in the upcoming years.  By 2050, Greece’s population is estimated to be 6 million citizens contrary to 10 million, which is the approximate number today.

HOPEgenesis’ vision is to reverse the course of the falling birth rate in Greece.  Its main objective is to provide free medical care and treatment to women who are pregnant and live in isolated regions in Greece.  In other words, HOPEgenesis enables women living in remote areas of Greece, regardless of the financial situation, to travel to Athens and be properly monitored on their pregnancies by a team of obstetricians-gynecologists. Most importantly, HOPEgenesis enables pregnant women to give birth in a reliable maternity hospital, absolutely free, with no economic obligation and regardless of their financial background.

Currently, the NPO is providing free medical care and treatment to 26 pregnant women from various Greek islands such as Alonissos, Anafi, Thymina, Kasos, Lipsi, Tilos, Skopelos and Fourni.  This number exceeds our expectations and our initial goal set for 2017, which was ten.

Their aim is to align themselves with people who care, who are aware of the issue of the low birth rate in Greece, and who are willing to help strengthen the population in remote areas of Greece. Having the support of the general public,Greeks within the country and from the diaspora is extremely important in order to help Greece maintain it’s identity and advance as a country.

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