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International outcry over Koufodinas furlough

Featured International outcry over Koufodinas furlough

Thee decision to grant a two day furlough to convicted terrorist executioner Dimitris Koufodinas, has raised an outcry fromfroeign governments.

The United States condemned his 2-day release and described Koufodinas as a "convicted terrorist." U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. Embassy in Athens had conveyed significant concerns about the furlough to the Greek government.

In a message on twitter British Ambassador to Athens,Kate Smith, expressed deep disappointment by the decision.

"We respect the independence of Greek Justice, but we are deeply disappointed by the decision to give furlough to a terrorist killer and share the pain that this decision causes to the families of the victims,"  Ms Smith wrote.

A statement on Koufodina also issued the Turkish Foreign Ministry, which states that it is inconceivable how a terrorist who has killed diplomats has the right to enjoy such regulation.

"We learned with deep regret that Dimitris Koufodinas, the deputy head of the November 17 terrorist organization, who has been sentenced to life for the assassination of Turkish diplomat Cetin Yorgu in 1991 and for the attempted assassination of diplomat Deniz Bouloubassis, and his participation in the assassination of the second counselor of Turkish Embassy Omer Halluk Sipacioglu, was released from prison today (November 9th) for a two-day period "

Yesterday the US ambassador to Athens, Geoffrey Pyatt expressed similar regrets.