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New charges against controversial deputy health minister

Featured New charges against controversial deputy health minister

Main opposition New Democracy. has called for the immediate investigation of the grave complaint against deputy health minister Pavlos Polakis.

"ND has chosen, for obvious reasons, not to deal with Pavlos Polakis. It will, however, make an exception today, because the Deputy Health Minister was denounced by a director of HCDCP that he asked her to issue a false official document aimed at incriminating ND vice president, Georgiadis," reads the announcement from ND HQ.

Finally, they call on the competent authorities to immediately investigate this most serious complaint. "Because it is obvious who has more credibility in all the affairs Pavlos Polakis is involved in, we call upon the competent authorities to immediately investigate the very serious complaint against him, even though he insists, through his incomprehenible posts on Facebook, to claim irresponsibility [mental incapacity]."

It is recalled that the Director of the HCDCP Administrative Division Androniki Theophilatou, speaking to the Parliament's Committee of Inquiry, denounced pressure by a counselor of the Deputy Minister of Health Pavlos Polakis to falsely argue that 23 people had a  employeel relationship with HCDCP. Indeed, Mrs Theofilatos said that from the day she refused to bow to the pressure of the minister, he began continuous harrasment against her.

"I was targeted by Mr. Polakis, I was asked through the special adviser to answer that the 23 were employees... they were not employees, I am explaining to you my targeting. There are other cases of pressure on subordinates," said Mrs. Theophilatos.