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SZ: Dangerous Islamist traveled from Germany to Greece and Berlin did not inform Athens

Featured SZ: Dangerous Islamist traveled from Germany to Greece and Berlin did not inform Athens

"A dangerous Islamist departed from Germany last October, in spite of the electronic surveillance device he wore," the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reveals.

The 35-year-old Syrian, dangerous Islamist Hussein Z., who arrived in Germany in 2015 as a refugee, had an electronic tracking device on his leg and last month he left for Turkey without a nitch through Greece. In fact, the Greek authorities were not notified when he left Germany, but only afterwards by the Bundeskriminalamt, while the Turkish authorities were also left clueless.

According to SZ, the electronic track disappeared on October 11 for several hours and the next signal was located at the airport in Athens. However, as monitoring by electronic device is not allowed outside German borders, the device was deactivated.

Hussein Z lived in Bavaria and there were episodes of threats and conflictwith other people living in the refugee reception center and confused statements that he has killed people. For this reason, Bavarian police had monitored him with an electronic tracking device since autumn, but HusseinZ, as it appears, managed to board an airplane in Hamburg and leave Germany, writes SZ.

Hussein Z. was released by Bavarian police on October 4th and before going to Hamburg airport he received police approval in Lower Franconia. He wanted - as he claimed - to see his sick son in Turkey. In fact, he informed the authorities of Wartburg by telephone that he had arrived in Turkey. Two days passed. The ban on leaving Germany was not legally feasible, nor was a ban on entering the airport.

The German newspaper even suspects the Islamist's easy escape, saying that "Bavaria successfully managed to get rid of an Islamist, as the cynics of the state security authorities think. Flight is more secure than monitoring with an electronic device ...