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Woman wounded by anarchist launched flare in after-Polytechnic demonstration rioting

Featured Woman wounded by anarchist launched flare in after-Polytechnic demonstration rioting

Violent episodes - marked by the serious injury of a woman - occurred on Friday evening on Alexandras Avenue and Exarchia, following the peaceful demonstration of the 44th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising.

More specifically, a group of anti-authoritarians - who descended Alexandras Avenue after the end of the demonstration - collided with police riot control forces (MAT), launching flares against the squad. Police officers responded with stun grenades and teargas and chased the youths to Exarchia.

Clashes with fire bomb throwing continued on Stournari and Tositsa streets, with the MAT forces teargas to respond to the Molotov cocktails thrown by anti-authoritarians who had set up barricades.

The police proceeded to 16 arrests, while 23 others were released.

During the clashes, the lawyer of the Photojournalists Union was hit by a flare in the knee as she was walking to her home on Notaras Street.

The unfortunate woman was speaking with photojournalists at Spiros Trikoupis Street in Exarchia. Suddenly, a flare was shot in a straight trajectory by one of the hooded "anarchists" and struck her left knee.

The MAT officers attempted to put out the flare, which continued to burn within her leg for about a minute!

Initially they tried to extinguish the flare with a fire extinguisher, but they did not. Then they tried to turn off the flare on foot.

A few minutes later they moved to Kountouriotou Street, where rumors, and not only, were rushed to offer first aid until the EKAB ambulance arrived at the Evangelismos hospital.

The woman underwent surgery that lasted until Saturday morning and was hospitalized in the ICU.