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Fofi Gennimata leader of new center-left party

Featured Fofi Gennimata leader of new center-left party

The results of the second round for the election for the head of the new center-left party signalled a great victory for Fofi Gennimata .

The president of PASOK and Democratic Syparathaxis was elected with over 56% against 43% of N. Androulakis.

The results over 96.18% of votes nationwide:

Fofi Genimata 56,64% (83,540 votes)
Nikos Androulakis 43.36% (63.946 votes)

In her first statements, the head of the New Center Left party unveiled her plan for unity. SheHe spoke of a "clean mandate" and said she was aware of the responsibilities that this entails.

"And at this moment of joy, my thought goes to the families of the victims and all the people who are hard-hit in Western Attica. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart the thousands of progressive citizens who for the second time gave a thunderous presence at the polls, " she said and congratulated all those "who contributed to the success, the parties and the movements that contributed to the project, to my co-candidates, to the thousands of volunteers and to Mr Alivazatos and the Committee."

"The line is here opposite ND and SYRIZA. Congratulations to Fofi Gennimata," said her opponent, Nikos Androulakis, who came first in his place of origin, Crete. The candidate in in his statement committed himself to unity on the next day of the process.

After 23.00 Fofi Gennimata went after 23:00 atto the headquarters of the Alivizatos Committee where Nikos Androulakis and Professor Alivazatos welcomed her. Congratulations to Fofi Gennimata for her election was given by ND President Kyriakos Mitsotakis and all the candidates in the first round.

In the dialogue that followed between Gennimatas and Alivizatos, the professor said: "For me this is the most crucial moment. Let's all move together. "
"One thing is for sure. We will move together, "replied Fofi Gennimata.