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PM's advisor showers abuse on businesswoman facebook user

Featured PM's advisor showers abuse on businesswoman facebook user

With indescribable expressions fit for the gutter, and an attitude of  "who are you to talk to me like that?" and in any case a style and way that in no way suits a prime minister's advisor, Nikos Karanikas replied to a Facebook user's comment under his post .

The facebook user, whose comment provoked the wrath of the PM's strategic planning advisor Nikos Karanikas, was Kiki Macheridou, an entrepreneur from Thessaloniki who operates an Mykonos, owning one of the biggest vip travel agencies.

The excuse for this unprecedented attack by Nikos Karanikas was a comment by Kiki Macheridou under the post of the Prime Minister's advisor, concerning the so-called social dividend. As Nikos Karanika's post on the social dividend was made a few hours after the untold tragedy in Mandra, the businesswoman criticized him by saying that they (meaning the government) should be ashamed of talking about dividends while victims are homeless and there were already listed dead.

This angered the prime minister's advisor resulting in a vulgar and indiscriminate tirade against her. Apart from the "F... you" Karanikas called her a fascist abomination, a malodorous mammal, dirty, and also ridiculed her appearance.

This is not the first time Mr Karanikas, who in the ppast has posted that "a carreer is cholera", and who until his posting was a waiter, uses such language publicly. Ms Macheridou is contemplating a civil suit.