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Nine Greek tourists and 50 permanent residents stranded on Bali

Featured Nine Greek tourists and 50 permanent residents stranded on Bali

Greek tourists are among those trapped on Bali, unable to leave due to the shutdown of Bali International Airport due to the fears that there will be a strong volcanic eruption on Mount Agung.

In particular, the Greek ambassador to Indonesia, Giorgos Dagoritis, spoke to SKAI television, pointing out that there are Greek tourists on the island as well as a community of 50 Greeks who live there permanently.

"It's the first time I have seen such a phenomenon. Right now we have nine Greeks visiting the island, five are leaving today and four are leaving on December 4th. We also have a community of around 50 Greeks living and working in Bali," said the Greek ambassador.

He described the situation on the island as well as the evacuation would take place since the flights were canceled.

"The volcano is 70km away, there is a safety zone around it for 20km, and all the residents of the area have been removed. Several flights have been canceled, and if necessary, the evacuation will take place by sea. Those who leave can go to an adjacent island that has an international airport. The other solution is again by sea, going to eastern Java and from there they can leave for Greece. We are constantly in contact with the nine Greeks and with the community. The situation is under control," the Greek Ambassador noted.

It should be noted that Indonesia's disaster relief agency announced that 40,000 people have been vacated from the area around the Agung volcano in Bali, and urged 100,000 inhabitants around the volcano to leave their homes as a warning for a forthcoming volcanic eruption has been issued.