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Police seize 135 kg of cocaine in Varkiza

Featured Police seize 135 kg of cocaine in Varkiza

Police have seized a record amount of cocaine after a major operation in the seaside Athens suburb of Varkiza.

The Narcotics Bureau, after a thorough investigation, captured a foreign man and in his luxury apartment on Poseidonos Avenue found 135 kg of cocaine and  money amounting to 12,000 eurosd.

The value of cocaine is estimated at 5 million euros, while the preliminary investigation revealed that well-known Athenian names are involved, while another person is being sought in connection to the case.

The man arrested is a 33-year-old Serb and his first name is Martin while he has been in Greece for the last few weeks. H spent lavishly and rode around  in a luxury car.

Police investigations continue as  dozens of people are involved in the drug ring. The man who was arrested was led to security for interrogation.

The police officers had taken care to secure a warrant for a thorough search of the luxury home and the role of the foreigner arrested.

Criminal lawyers Sakis Kehagioglou and Georgios Drylis jointly took over the defense of the arrested Serb. As they said in a statement: "We took over the defense of the 33-year-old who will face prosecutors next Tuesday, December 5th. The seizure of a significant amount of cocaine is undoubtedly a success of Drug Enforcement. The extent of the involvement of our principal and the description of the events as well as the determination of his own responsibility will be clarified after working with him over the next few days and taking the case file in our hands."