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Thracians deplore Erdogan visit

Featured Thracians deplore Erdogan visit

In a resolution, 22 Thracian associations called Turkish President Recep Tayip Ardogan  "persona non grata" in the region, adding that the goal of the Turkish President is to fanatixcize locals and "make Greek sovereignty in the region a gray area".

In detail the announcement of the 22 associations fom Thrace reads:

"No to Erdogan's visit to Thrace!

In the coming days a visit to Greece is being prepared for "neo-sultan" Tayyip Erdogan and not only in Athens but also in Thrace! A few days after Hakan Tsavousoglou's tour of the region, his divisive cries, and before the local community has quieted down, they are bringing his boss to us.

Are we wondering, does he have something new to say to our area? Will it bring us something from the democracy that 'Turkish' people enjoy? From the free press that "enjoys" 170 incarcerated journalists in his country? Of the rights that  20,000,000 Kurds and 20,000 prisoners of the HDP party in Turkey "have"? Will he say anything about the 43 year long military occupation of Cyprus? About the Aegean and Ankara's dirty role in migratory - refugee flows? Or about the fate of our Pontian compatriot Yannis - Vassilis Yiallalis and his Kurdish partner Meral Gheliani? Probably not.

He only comes to fanaticize and make gray Greek sovereignty in the region and to strengthen the most extreme minority elements. The Government bears great responsibility for allowing such an escalating challenge, and it should put an end to the spate of visits that began in 2004. We appeal to the local community and we call on it to show peacefully but clearly its opposition to every foreign design. We live in a democratic, free country, and we do not accept any tour - inspection by anyone, let alone by Islamist leaders and perpetrators - apologists for mass crimes that did not stop in 1922 and 1974 but continue to this day.