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Greek doctor restores Iraqi girl's sight

Featured Greek doctor restores Iraqi girl's sight

Twelve-year-old Laila suffered shock and lost her sight when she saw her mother dying in a prison in Baghdad. Though she was treated soon after, Iraqi doctors failed to bring her eyes back. However, her vision was given back to her by a Greek doctor at an ophthalmology center in Athens.

Once the surgeon-ophthalmologist Ioannis Stavrakas was informed of her case, he offered to help.

"Everyone has to help. Every one of us can make a small contribution and help people who have helped much more than all of us," said surgeon Ioannis Stavrakas to Euronews.

"At the moment, all I can say is that I am very happy. At last I can see again," said 12-year-old Laila.

The case of Laila is not unique. Conditions are particularly difficult in the northeastern Aegean islands. Due to poor living conditions, many children and adults have become ill. Particularly in the refugee center of Moria, where more than 5,500 people live, while the center can accommodate up to 2,300. The situation in Chios and Samos is particularly difficult.

"Many refugees face serious health problems, beyond those they have experienced until they reach Greece. But the case of 12-year-old Laila demonstrates that things can change when volunteer doctors and non-governmental organizations join forces," noted euronews journalist Apostolos Staikos.

The Goodwill Caravan is currently taking care of her small family, her father Ahmad and her sister.

The non-governmental organization has created a hostel for refugees in the city center. But the Iraqi family will soon be living in its own apartment, which was found by the people of the organization.

Hanan Asheg launched the Goodwill Caravan. She is a mother of three children based in London, and comes to Greece every month.