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Protesters against Erdogan visit arrested in front of Turkish Embassy

Featured Protesters against Erdogan visit arrested in front of Turkish Embassy

Incidents occurred on Tuesday evening at the Turkish Embassy in Athens, where Cypriot students had gathered holding banners and shouting slogans in protest to the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Greece.

Sixty Cypriot students were detained, while Greeks who participated in the protest were also taken into custody.

According to the announcement of the student union DRASIS KES, this was a peaceful protest, but the police proceeded to unprovoked arrests.

The announcement:

"The SYRIZA - ANEL government is implementing the policies of the Turkish Sultan. Unreedeemed homelands are open wounds. Erdogan's arrival in Greece could not find us uninvolved. The souls of the missing, the tears of their mothers, our occupied villages and our dead ancestors, sirens that sound and alert students that Hellenism in their soul. We headed for the Turkish Embassy for a peaceful protest. With regret, reaching the point of protest, the "uniforms" using methods of totalitarian regimes tried to repel us after they hit us and then dropped tear gas. All this did not hurt either the members of DRASIS, nor the brothers from continental Hellas who were at our side. Although we have clarified to the police that this is a peaceful protest, they have made unprovoked arrests. As DRASIS we declare that 50 years after our foundation, our struggle continues more intense and more massive than ever and we will not be complacent until the borders of Hellenism reach from Kyrenia to the river Geanousos."