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Turkish press on Erdogan's visit to Greece

Featured Turkish press on Erdogan's visit to Greece

Interrupting their program with live links, almost all Turkish channels reported the arrival of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in Athens, while in newscasts this morning it was the first issue.

"Anadolu" agency reported statements by political analysts that Turkey's relations with the United States have begun to derail, a turn towards Europe has begun again, and in this context they explain Erdogan's visit to Greece .

It is believed that neither the Cyprus issue nor the Aegean issues will be discussed with an important proposal for a solution, nor will a new alternative be tabled. However, some believe that the visit will be an important step in bringing Turkey back to Europe.

Turkish headlines:


"Verbal confrontation in joint statements in Athens - Hard statements by Erdogan"


Erdogan has gone “full in” for Lausanne on his historic visit


Erdogan is hard against his Greek counterpart

"If we were not here, your country ..."


Friction over Lausanne on a historic visit to Greece. He listened to his Greek counterpart, took notes and answered hard on live broadcast

"Muslims in Western Thrace can not elect their religious leaders. It means that Lausanne does not apply". "If it wasn't for us, you would not be in NATO"


You are in NATO thanks to us


Erdogan: Erdogan hardening. Clear messages from Erdogan in Greece

"Within 94 years a lot has changed"


Clear messages from Erdogan on Greek television


President Erdogan: The Treaty of Lausanne needs to be updated

Reaction to Lausanne from Greece before the visit

TRT - (Te-Re-Te state channel in Turkey)

Erdogan: We must now secure solidarity in the air, the sea and on land

Turkish BBC

The Times: Erdogan goes to Athens with his shaggy guards

Hurriyet Daily News

Tsipras: The coup perpetrators of July 15 are not welcome in Greece