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New poll shows New Democracy outdistancing SYRIZA by 12.86%

Featured New poll shows New Democracy outdistancing SYRIZA by  12.86%

"Opinion Poll" pollsters, have published their latest study where in addition to voting intentions, polls and views of citizens about the government nearly 3 years after its election, also look at the potential appeal of the parties.

This is the so-called "ceiling" or "roof" of the parties, ie whether citizens could vote for a party and according to the results of the poll, the Movement for Change (the new center-left umbrella party) is only 3.45 points away from SYRIZA. In other words, the "ceiling" of New Democracy reaches 34.96%, with SYRIZA at 21.07%, the Movement of Change at 17.62%, communist party KKE 12.85%, Center Union at 9.57%, Golden Dawn at 8.12% and Independent Greeks (ANEL) 5.44%.

Now, with regard to the intention to vote, New Democracy is ahead by 11.74% over SYRIZA, as the main opposition party accounted for 24.5%, the ruling party 13.64%, the Movement of Change 7.5%, KKE 5, 1%, Golden Dawn 3.7 and outside the Center Union 1.93%.

But if we subtract blank votes, void ballots and abstention, that is, the weighted intention to vote, the difference for ND reaches 12.86%.