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Turkish parliament debates taking over Greek islands in the Aegean

The debate over Greek islands in the Aegean flared up in the Turkish Parliament, with Foreign Minister Mevlout Tsavusoglu asking the opposition to cooperate with the government. Indeed, he listed the three alternatives for resolving the issue, including war.

In particular, the Turkish Foreign Ministry has asked the opposition to cooperate with the government on the issue and not to stand against it.

"When this issue was put on the agenda earlier, I told the party's vice-presidents, this is an important issue and has to do with national politics. That's why we do not practice patriotism on such an issue. If you do, it damages previous parties that did nothing about it, not the AKP. In fact, I suggested that we discuss the issue behind closed doors and inform the party leaders. When did you call me? I am ready to come whenever the leaders call me. Following the Imia crisis in 1996, there has been no change in the legal status of the islands. Everything was done before. So, in this matter, the AKP is not responsible. Yes, let us solve it, but do not lie that these islands were captured under AKP's rule," he said.

This has prompted the strong reactions of members of the Republican People's Party (CHP), with Tsavousoglou answering, according to Ant1:

"Your vice-president was the one who said these (the islands) were occupied during the Ataturk period. I did not say it. We must decide how to solve these problems by discussing with Greece. There are three alternatives:

    Either find a solution through diplomacy.
Or apply to the International Court.
Or send an army and take the islands.

We are continuing our diplomacy with Greece. If we do not agree, the Parliament will decide on the alternatives and we will apply them. But this is national policy. This is not an issue that will be discussed in the corridors and will be used to put someone in trouble. We created a team of military personnel at the Ministry of National Defense. We are discussing the problem and what steps we can take. Is it more beneficial to reduce tension or increase it? These are national issues and we can, respectively, become patriots. It's easy for me to blame you. I show you the papers, I give them to others and see whose signature is on them. But that's not right. "

CHP MP: Occupation in the Aegean islands continues

CHP MP Okturk Yilmaz in his speech spoke about the Aegean islands as well as the occupied part of Cyprus.

"The House should take an important decision on the international recognition of the "TRNC" [Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,i.e.the occupied portion of the island]. We recognized East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, but on the other hand we should not be silent on the issue of non-recognition of the "TRNC", Yilmaz said.

Regarding the Aegean islands, Yilmaz said: "As long as you do not say anything about the occupation of these islands, occupation continues. There is occupation here and you can not even tender a demarche. Everyone knows that nothing can be solved with exploratory talks. Then what should we do? You say "we can not do anything. If we put it on the agenda, then war begins. You stand up against Russia, the EU, and fear Greece? No one wants war, and Greece will not dare to fight you," concluded Oztur Yilmaz.