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Division on FYROM name issue within coalition gvt

Featured Division on FYROM name issue within coalition gvt

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and ANEL President Panos Kammenos are expected to proceed to relevant consultations, with the issue of a solution to name of FYROM being a serious political problem for the coalition government.

According to information in the press, the first step that Alexis Tsipras is expected to take next is to convene the cabinet.

With the aim of exchanging views and ultimately adopting a common "line" on this crucial issue. Since, it is here where the greatest disagreement lies. On Wednesday, the Minister of National Defense said, "we as ANEL will not vote for a name which includes the term" Macedonia ". So if there is a majority it will go through [parliament], if there is not, it won't."

Hewas stressing towards all directions that this is an issue touching the sensitive chords of his electoral audience and for which he does not seem inclined to back down.
Meanwhile, the PM's office has attempted to maintain low tones. "It is legitimate to express different views between two co-operating parties," they commented adding that "Parliament will have the last say," pointing to the House where the consensual national proposal will be tabled.
As for a possible convention of the Council of Political Party Heads, they are kkeeping the issue under wraps, saying that the government is considering the best way for the broadest possible consensus.

As for the reactions recorded in Parliamentary Groups, at least inside SYRIZA this time they look solid, since the standing position of the party is a name that includes a geographical definition. In contrast, within ANEL that has different ideological and political positions, it is obvious that this issue will raise objections.

Finally, a fierce war of rhetoric has broken out with New Democracy and as it seems this will peak in the next few days. The main opposition is asking the government to clarify its position, while at the same time through the government spokesman the government is asking ND to take a position calling on them to answer whether they will adopt the position of Konstantinos Mitsotakis or the position of Antonis Samaras.