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Relatives of missing Greeks to fly to Italy

Featured Relatives of missing Greeks to fly to Italy

Italian authorities have officially notified Greek authorities that they had identified two dead Greek nationals while another 10 persons are considered missing.

The centre of operations in Rome (RCC ROMA) on Thursday officially notified the Search and Rescue Coordination Centre of the Greek Coast Guard that due to the incorrect identification by the Italian authorities, Greek national Georgios Doulis is not considered dead but is included in the passengers list and is among the people on whom there is no information available for the time being.

Shipping ministry officials on Thursday contacted Doulis’ son, who thanked them for their prompt reaction.

Shipping Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis issued a call to all port authorities in Greece to assist with accommodation and transportation any relatives of passengers or crew on the "Norman Atlantic".

In the meantime, “Norman Atlantic” is now in Brindisi, Italy, where authorities will seal it and launch an investigation in the presence of a prosecutor.