Greek American ambassador to Norway

Greek American ambassador to Norway

Greek American businessman Giorgos Tsounis is not a career diplomat, but he is the USA's next ambassador to Oslo, Norway.

The Greek American business man, and long time Long Island resident, who is President Barack Obama's personal choice to be the new ambassador of the US in Oslo, Norway.

Giorgos Tsounis submitted an application to Robert “Bob” Menendez, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and underwent a committee hearing on 15 January, in the presence of his friends and business associates. During the procedure, Senator Schumer, said of Giorgos Tsounis that “he is a true story of the American dream.” He also praised him on the fact that he did not forget his roots and cultural heritage.

Mr. Tsounis, an active member of the Hellenic-American community, has been chosen to officiate at the Greek parade in Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, along with the Democratic Senator, Charles Schumer, on March 30.

Giorgos Tsounis, who has been honored by the Cyprus Federation of America, has in the past stressed that Washington must do its utmost to help Cyprus by forcing the Turkish army to leave the occupied part of the island.

He has been a contributor to several pre-election campaigns of members of the Democratic Party, and cooperates on a permanent basis with the Vice-President of USA, Joe Biden, to find solutions to the Greek issues.

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