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Thessaloniki rally (1): Political Background

The rally that took place in Thessaloniki on Sunday, against the use of the word Macedonia in the name being discussed for FYROM, came as a shock to the government, as well as opposition parties, and even the Church of Greece, mostly because of participation by perhaps hundreds of theousands of citizens, despite no party involvement.


Olympic Dragnet - By George Courmouzis

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) clan has gathered in Lima, Peru for 5 days of meetings on an agenda focusing on rubber stamping on Wednesday of the dual Summer Games award to Paris for 2024 and LA for 2028. It will also see the induction of 9 more members into the IOC Pantheon. Along with them, a bunch of investigators have also arrived in Peru, stalking IOC Family members accused of foul play. Investigators are equally interested to see who will skip the IOC Lima Session to avoid possible extradition from Peru to Brazil, the USA or elsewhere, thus implying guilt.

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