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How Greece Entered WWII

How Greece Entered WW II
A debate has always been smoldering among Greek historians as to the who precipitated the refusal to Italian demands that forced the Greek entry into World War II.

If Aravella was living in Greece...

By Christodoulos Athanasatos

(Translation By Lisa Darilis)

"It is important to us that we have a good hospital in Astoria. When my father had a cardiac episode, we had to take him to Mount Sinai in Manhattan. Unfortunately, this happens here everyday."

Surreal Story

By Christos Georgalas

(Translation By Lisa Darilis)

It was evening, and the lights that decorated the streets were as bright as if they were Christmas lights. Their reflection could be seen in the clouds, having created an impression, as if it were taken out of a cosmopolitan movie scene of "Blade Runner."

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