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The 7th Annual New York City Greek Film Festival

Five films will have their first United States screenings at the seventh annual New York City Greek Film Festival, October 3-16. The feature films are: JOY (Hara), MARJORAM (Matzourana), and THE TREE AND THE SWING (To Dendro Kai I Kounia). The documentaries are: BLACK BOX and NAKED HANDS (Gymna Heria).

Fall - Winter Fashion 2013

By Yanna Darilis

This year's fashion trend will remind you of the 50's and 90's. The 50s was a very feminine era and the 90s a re-introduction to the 50s with wild sexy twists and once again designers are re-inspired by these feminine sexy times in 2013.

Argyro Barbarigou to "serve it up" to famous dignitaries

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Famous Greek chef Argyro Barbarigouʼs famous dishes will be relished by famous dignitaries, such as former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, and Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, as well as a long list of other political and financial high ranking officials.

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