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“Athens Ledra” hotel and “Pyrsos Security” shut down

Featured “Athens Ledra” hotel and “Pyrsos Security” shut down

The historic Athenian ‘Athens Ledra’ hotel announced it was shutting down due to financial difficulties, leaving 150 employees without work.

In addition to the hotel, Security company ‘Pyrsos’ also announced it would be pausing its operations after 22 years, meaning nearly 700 people would be left unemployed.

The guests at the Hotel Ledra, on Syggrou Avenue were suddenly informed to pack and leave, while visitors that had already booked a stay in the hotel were allocated to other hotels in Athens. Pyrsos Security, which runs nearly 30 missions on a daily basis, announced to its employees that it would be doing only 3 on Tuesday. Later in the day the management issued an announcement that the company was shutting down its operations. The company’s employees have already appealed to Employment Inspection authorities to claim their wages.

source: Protothema