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Greek unemployment lowers to 21.7 pct in May

Featured Greek unemployment lowers to 21.7 pct in May

Unemployment declined by 1.9 percentages points to 21.7 percent in May from 23.6 percent in the same month last year, Greece?s statistics agency ELSTAT said in a report on Thursday. The rate follows an upwardly revised 21.8 percent in April 2017. 

The highest unemployment rate was again recorded among those aged 15 to 24 years, whose employment rate fell to 44.4 percent from 49.7 percent in May last year. In terms of gender, women were more affected with 26.1 percent unemployment in May versus 18.1 for men. 
The number of employed totaled 3,744,154 in May, the unemployed were 1,035,192 and the number of inactive people was 3,236,814.