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Gvt,opposition exchange slurs of nepotism over minister's father'sappointment

Featured Gvt,opposition exchange slurs of nepotism over minister's father'sappointment

The government and the main opposition exchanged jibes on Thursday over the appointment of Stelios Pappas at the helm of the newly nationalized Thessaloniki urban transport company (OASTh). 

Stelios Pappas, the father of Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas, was chosen by Infrastructure Minister Christos Spirtzis on Wednesday, along with the heads of another two public bodies that will manage Thessaloniki's transport system. Late on Thursday, Spirtzis said Pappas will not receive a wage for his services. 
"It's tragicomic for a party that has always been the ownership of specific families and constitutes a synonym of nepotism to launch accusations of nepotism," the prime minister's office said in a press release. 
"ND chooses to attack in an inappropriate and defamatory manner a man whose history and course are light years away from the standards of the party cadres their government used to nominate. Stelios Pappas has a long history in the democratic and democratic movement and an important professional experience in the private sector, while at the same time being president of the Economic Chamber, with universal acceptance by all the parties," it added.
Responding to the statement, ND said it was "certain" that Pappas' CV was better that all the others submitted for the position. "We are certain that among the hundreds of CV's submitted for the position of the OASTh president, that of Mr Pappas was the best?Coincidentally, Pappas is the father of the minister and close friend of the Prime Minister, Nikos Pappas," the party said. 
"We also imagine that the choice of Mr Dimis Argyropoulos in the board of OASTh was to reward his democratic ethos. And that's because we all remember his incitement to aspiring terrorists to 'plant' a bullet to the then finance minister, Yannis Stournaras," ND added.
Other opposition parties have also criticized the appointment.