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Turkish main opposition leader threatens invasion of Greek islands

Featured Turkish main opposition leader threatens invasion of Greek islands

The head of the main opposition CHP party in Turkey, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, has threatened with an invasion of the Aegean islands.

As Ant1 television reported, Kılıçdaroğlu has called for a response from PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan concerning the Aegean islands, which, he says, are under the "occupation" of Greece.

Kılıçdaroğlu's tirade, according to Ant1:

"The islands of the Aegean, under our noses, are under the possession of the Greek army. Yes, dear comrades. The last thing they did was to go even to Pserimos. 4 miles from Turkey, only 4 miles. Many times I have asked Erdogan. 'Do we have rights to these islands? He has not said a word. He talks about everything, but on this he does not say a word. They went to Pserimos now. And I again put the question to Erdogan in a language understood by everyone. 'Brother, to whom does Pserimos belong? If it is not ours, what is it? If it is ours say so, if not, say is not. Or if it is neither ours nor Greece's, let's say that. But again not a word. I wonder ... Did you sell these islands to them or did you give them as a gift? What has happened? What has happened to these islands?

You gave them these islands. I said these islands are ours, and the Greek defense minister came out and said "come and take them". And I told him that yes, I will come in 2019 and I will take them. As Ecevit took Cyprus, so will we take these islands.

I too waited. And I expected someone to come from the government and say 'yes, brother, we'll take them'. Where can one find patriots? These are not patriots, they are non-patriots. Non patriots! Whoever does not claim his own lands, is no patriot! He is non-patriotic! Their patriotism is only in words. Underneath our nose, the Greek soldiers come 4 km below our nose and we ask, but no answer! None! Why are you talking about all the other issues and not about this? Have you given your word somewhere? Did you give these islands tosomeone? I am asking! And I'm waiting for an answer to this question. I'm waiting to see, will he answer? No, he will not say a word. He only looks at green dollaras, he looks at how we will make money ... ".