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Greek and Turkish vessels collide off Imia

Featured Greek and Turkish vessels collide off Imia

Monday saw a night of tension at Imia as a Turkish cutter collided with a Hellenic Coast Guard vessel.

Specifically, yesterday at midnight in Imia, a Turkish cutter hit the stern of the Hellenic Coast Guard open sea vessel 90, which at that moment was stationary. The Maritime Ministry underlines that this was a ramming maneuver, but an impact. That is, the Turkish vessel hit the Greek boat from astern, as if to drive it out of the area! The Greek boat was on patrol in the area with 27 crew members.

After the incident, the Turkish vessel fled to the Turkish coast, while the Hellenic Coast Guard Headquarters - and in particular the Operations Center - immediately informed the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs about the incident.

According to what has become known, the Coast Guard vessel suffered material damage and there was no injury. The vessel sailed to Leros for repair, while the conditions under which the incident took place are being investigated.

As for the Turkish media, Millyet newspaper played the issue as extraordinary news, writing about tension at Imia because "Greek vessels tried to reach the islet", while saying that the Greek boat was damaged.