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Putin promises Tsipras to talk to Erdogan about provocations

Featured Putin promises Tsipras to talk to Erdogan about provocations

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to broach the issue of Turkey’s escalating provocations against Greece when he met with President Recep Erdogan on April 3, during his phone contact with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras.

The Greek PM congratulated the Russian President on his electoral victory on Sunday during their phone contact yesterday.

On his part, Mr Putin told the Greek PM that he would raise the Greek PM’s concerns to Mr Erdogan during the Russian-Turkish Meeting of the High Cooperation Council in Constantinople.
According to government sources, Mr Tsipras briefed Mr Putin on the Greek government’s initiatives to promote dialogue between Greece and Turkey, while the Russian President noted that he was aware of and acknowledges the important contribution of the Greek Prime Minister in this area.

The same sources said the phone contact lasted for more than 30 minutes highlighting the “good chemistry” between the two men. Mr Putin invited the Greek PM to visit Russia in the second term of 2018, while he underlined the deep ties between the two countries.