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Turkish PM: We lowered Greek flag from Aegean islet

Featured Turkish PM: We lowered Greek flag from Aegean islet

As Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said earlier in Istanbul, the coastguard of his country lowered the Greek flag that had been hoisted to the rocky island of Anthrotofagos.

"We know that in the Aegean there are occasional actions from neighboring Greece to escalate tensions and these violations have increased recently. There are rocky islands the ownership of which is not clear. We see that similar initiatives are taking place in the Imia (Kardak) reefs. It was an attempt to put a Greek flag on the island of Anthropofagoi, close to Didim. The Coast Guard made the necessary intervention and lowered the flag from there. We recommend that Greece, in the context of good neighborliness, stay away from challenges that will increase tension. "

"We are ready to respond to every action, we are not withdrawing from our sovereign rights," Mr. Yildiz added.

The Greek Armed Forces denied any record of activity on the island in the last few hours.

It is the small island of Mikro Anthropofagos, an uninhabited island of the complex of Ikaria's Fourni, which is administered by the Municipality of Fourni.