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Meeting of Greek and Turkish armed forces chiefs in Brussels

Featured Meeting of Greek and Turkish armed forces chiefs in Brussels

On the sidelines of the NATO Military Committee meeting to be held Tuesday and Wednesday in Brussels, the meeting of the Greek Chief of Staff Admiral Apostolakis with his Turkish counterpart General Houlousi Akar will finally be held.

The meeting of the two leaders takes place at a time when the two Greek soldiers remain detainees without charges in the prisons of Andrianouple while Turkey is testing its relations with Tel Aviv and Washington after recalling its ambassadors to the United States and Israel for bloodshed in Palestine.

The generals' rendezvous has a rich background as the two top officials were the first to try to resolve the case of the two Greek soldiers. After the failed "disengagement" in the first hours by the Brigadier at Alexandroupolis, who went to the opposite side and turned empty-handed, followed by Apostolakis-Akar. According to information, the Turkish general asked his Greek counterpart for time to be informed before he answered the following day.

The second phone call was stopped, however, as it became clear that the Turkish authorities sought to make political use of the two Greek soldiers. A confirmation of this desire was the direct connection of the issue by Erdogan to Jean Clint Juncker and Donald Tusk of the two Greek soldiers with the eight Turks who are in Athens seeking political asylum.

The Turkish "game" with the two Greek soldiers seems to be the reason why the Greek captain when he heard his Turkish counterpart tell him that they could meet in Turkey to answer that it is better to meet them in "neutral" territory and not - despite the invitation - in Turkey. It was the day that Houlousi Akar had telephoned the General Staff to express his condolences for the loss of squadron leaderBaltadoros pilot who was lost with the Mirage who was piloting in the waters of the Aegean Sea.

In the new NATO headquarters, however, during the crucial two days (the EU Military Committee is also meeting), the two officials will also have to talk about the ongoing Turkish provocations near Imia and the days of the summer moratorium in the Aegean. The fear of a warm episode because of the pre-election climate in Turkey can not be ruled out as neighbors call their flights military "training" rather than exercises so that they exceed the restrictions of the Papoulias-Yilmaz Memorandum.