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The complete agreement with FYROM on name dispute

Featured The complete agreement with FYROM on name dispute

The deal between Greece and FYROM on the name dispute was handed out to the Greek political parties on Wednesday. Here is the complete agreement. Click here for English version.

The 20 articles of the full agreement will be distributed by the parliament to the parliamentary parties in view of the debate that will take place on Friday between the political leaders.

According to the deal:

A) The official name of the Second Party shall be “Republic of Northern Macedonia” which shall be the constitutional name of the second Party and shall be erga omnes as provided for in this Agreement. The short name of the second party will be “Northern Macedonia”

B) the citizenship of the second Party will be Macedonian – a citizen of the Republic of Northern Macedonia as it will be included in all travel documents.

C) the official language of the second part will be “Macedonian Language” as recognized by the 3rd United Nations Conference, for the standardization of geographic names carried out in Athens in 1977 and described in Article 7 (3) and 4 () of this Agreement.