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The foreign press on Eurozone Greek deal

The deal, which includes debt alleviation measures, was closed at around midnight local time (01:00 GMT), after more than six hours of negotiations in Luxembourg.

* The French News Agency (AFP) points out that the deal will "allow Athens to exit as expected from the supervision of its creditors, the euro zone and the IMF on 20 August and start financing alone on the markets, after many years of deep recession and three support programs," while stressing Pier Moscovisis' statement that "the Greek crisis ends here tonight" and the comment of Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos that the Greek government is" satisfied " .

* In Le Monde's electronic version, the deal was just a little bit late, with the newspaper talking about "the end of ten years of tutelage" in the Greek economy.

* In the online edition of Le Figaro, the issue occupies the second position, under the title "The Eurozone agrees to the alleviation of Greek debt", two months before the formal completion of the third support program.

* In the electronic edition of the Guardian, the Eurogroup agreement was placed the second, under the title "The eurozone has concluded an agreement to get Greece out of the economic crisis" and subtitled "Finance Ministers of the 19 countries have finalized the plan in order for the country to gain access to the markets in August after the last support program."

* The deal is also on the front page of the online edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the title "The Eurozone agrees on the latest details of the plan to end the rescue program for Greece."

* The Bloomberg News Agency's online publication just put the news in fourth place on its headline, talking about a "landmark deal" as the "bailout saga ends" (of support programs), as it says.

* While in the electronic edition of the Financial Times the "historic deal" in the title of the newspaper's editorial was briefly mentioned in fifth place on its headline.

The first reactions are as follows:

dpa (German news agency): Last in the rescue operation of Greece - the last package was agreed. Greece's rescue operation is over after eight years. The heavily indebted country once again gets fresh billions in loans and debt relief and can thus come back on its feet again in August. This was agreed by Germany and the other euro countries with the Greek government during the night. The participants celebrated this last great effort as a historic success.

Deutschlandfunk (German public radio): 15 billion euros and debt relief
agreed to by the Eurogroup to end the rescue program for Greece. The finance ministers fixed the details in Luxembourg. Greece receives a last payment of 15 billion euros. In addition, it is given an additional ten years to repay old loans and interest.

Handelsblatt: Eurozone countries agree on the latest aid package for Greece
The crisis struck country resumes its course after the decision of the Euro-partners. Relief is great.

Spiegel: Eurozone countries agree on the end of the aid program
Greece's rescue operation is over after eight years. Athens gets another 15 billion euros - and ten years longer to repay its debts

FAZ: Greece gets more billions at the end of the aid program
The euro finance ministers agreed on the conditions for the end of the Greek aid program. The government in Athens gets a lot of money again and has to repay the loans later than planned.

Die Zeit: Greece receives the latest financial support
The euro finance ministers agreed to end the aid in Greece. The country finally gets a loan of EUR 15 billion. The rescue of Greece ends after eight years. The country will still receive some billions and debt relief, as agreed by the euro countries. From August, it will have to be funded again through the capital market.

Deutsche Welle: Greece stands on her feet again. As planned, Greece will be able to get out of the eurozone rescue programs on August 20th.

Finally, the Swiss NZZ has the title: The package for Greece was agreed on.
The eurozone countries have agreed on measures to alleviate Greek debt. The country receives a last loan installment of 15 billion euros before the aid program expires in August.