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Skourletis now wants Greeks abroad to vote in national elections

Featured Skourletis now wants Greeks abroad to vote in national elections

Panos Skourtetis seems to be having second thoughts on the issue of voting rights for Greeks abroad.

During his placement at the third meeting of the committee responsible for the local administartion reform procedure entitled Kleisthenis, Mr Skourletis defended the right of Greeks abroad to vote in the parliamentary elections and he even committed himself that this regulation would be tabled and voted on by the Parliament in 2018 before the proclamation of elections.

"Greeks abroad have the right to vote, especially those who have left Greece in the last years of the crisis and we are not the ones who have expelled them, have the right to find a way, a safe method, a law that gives them the right to express themselves in parliamentary elections.

The amendment we tabled as a government is a practical commitment and we will come up with a concrete proposal that will be voted on by this House in 2018. "

Mr. Skourtetis asks New Democracy not to associate this issue with the positive attitude towards the division of the second district of Athens and he welcomed, as he said, the reports in the friendly press of the main opposition, in which the position of New Democracy is seen as positive on the votefor the division of Athens second electoral district.