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Tsipras meeting with Erdogan yields no results

Featured Tsipras meeting with Erdogan yields no results

Prime minister Alexis Tsipras returned to Athens after his meeting with President Erdogan"empty handed," but with more hopes for the immediate release of the two Greek servicemen.

As a first step, of course, there must be an indictment of the two, and they are finally waiting to see whether there will be a change of attitude. "We are not asking for favors, but to follow procedures," said Alexis Tsipras. The prime minister spoke of a difficult meeting and, rather, attempting to hit ... the Turkish president, he said, "he is not suitable for the neighbor's honor to hold two NATO allies without charges."

In this context, Alexis Tsipras stressed that this is a major moral, symbolic but also essential issue that will be a barometer for the relations between the two countries in the coming period.

As for the question of the eight Turks who arrived in Greece two years ago, after the failed coup in July 2016, Mr. Tsipras admitted: "there was no clear correlation of the issues"! Moving on to what Mr Erdogan said and trying to downplay the issue he spoke about a "symbolic and communicative" issue.

Finally, without changing the line, he reiterated that the issue of the eight officers can not be associated with the issue of the two Greek servicemen, as it is one thing when one asks for asylum and procedures of independent justice are followed, and another issue is the detention of two soldiers the procedures for the trial of which are not followed.