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Socrates Kokkalis jr's death causes anguish among football world

Featured Socrates Kokkalis jr's death causes anguish among football world

The sudden death of Socrates Kokkalis junior has shocked and caused untold sadness for his wife, his friends and acquaintances.

The youngest scion of the Kokkalis family left life suddenly, just 34 years old, while on a business trip to the United States.

After his family and friends were informed, the Kokkalis Foundation, with a simple announcement, yesterday afternoon, made known the news of his death.

Tthe news was announced yesterday afternoon due to the difference in time with Cleveland, Ohio, where Socrates Kokkalis junior breathed his last. His parents, Socrates and Eleni Kokkalis, will now be called upon to manage the biggest pain a parent can experience, the loss of their child. Already, according to information, the process of returning Socrates Kokkalis junior to Greece has begun ahead of his funeral.

Also in deep mourning are his three brothers with whom he had a special tie, Petros Kokkalis, Konstantinos Kokkalis and Dimitris Theodoridis.

Shocked by the unexpected death of the 34-year-old last child of the Kokkalis are his family and his friends, his companion Maria Toutsia, and also the football world, in which Socrates Kokkalis as he also was a part of the Olympiakos FC.

Olympiakos FC's announcement notes mourning in the Olympiacos family, while Vangelis Marinakis's statement is moving. Announcements were also issued by the other clubs, as well as representatives of the political parties.

Local Ohio media have reported that three baggies of cocaine were found inside the downtown Cleveland hotel room where the son of a Greek billionaire died, according to police reports.

Socrates S. Kokkalis, 34, died in a suspected drug overdose, according to police reports. An official cause of death will be determined by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner.