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European Commissioner for competition notes a lot needs to be done still in Greece

Featured European Commissioner for competition notes a lot needs to be done still in Greece

The carrot, but also the whip, was in store for the government and MEPs of SYRIZA from European Commissioner for Competition Margrete Vestagger when she was took part in the European Affairs Committee of the House.

"Your work has not been completed and youth unemployment is high," Ms. Vestager said, adding that the end of the third program means a new start of effort.

"I come with great respect for the achievements of the government and the Greek citizens. Although things have improved, they are not yet in good shape, there is high youth unemployment, so your work is not complete.

But it is striking to see the efforts made here to complete the program. It is the beginning of a new effort and a new period for Greece ".

For his part, Deputy Economy Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas asked the Commissioner to help the Greek side in government spending to support the welfare state and to show greater flexibility in the amounts that the Greek State is going to spend on infrastructure projects.

"There must be expenditures that will support the welfare state, the access of all citizens to services and goods. This requires greater flexibility on the part of Greek governments, there are more needs than before in infrastructure projects.

Greater flexibility is required here. I think that we will be dealing with our European partners on these issues and that a very positive result will emerge from this cooperation.

We have made great strides, Greece has adapted and modernized in the areas of competition, state aid and we ask the committee for support on the sensitive issues I mentioned to you. "

New Democracy Vice President Kostis Hatzidakis asked the European Commissioner to examine as a matter of priority all the state aid files relating to Greek companies.

"With regard to real or alleged state aid, our country is in a critical phase and a deep recession. We need to restart our economy and it is of the utmost importance that these dossiers be considered as a matter of priority.

I expect a definitive settlement of these issues and a clean landscape for our entrepreneurship, the market, our public administration and our economy. "

Mr Hatzidakis also referred to the OECD's well-known toolkit and stressed that the committee was working positively on the first toolkit implemented by the New Democracy government. The deputy chairman of the main opposition party added that Syria was negative in its implementation, but when it became a government, it agreed with the OECD in its own toolbox and moved in the same direction as the New Democracy government.

"I am glad that today's government, despite the fact that it was then in a negative position, ordered its own toolbox and went in the same direction as ours. No new cartel should be introduced from the back door, any legislation that has yet to be adopted should also be overseen by the Competition Commission. "

Earlier, the European commissioner met with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.